Thu, Jun 13, 2024
The enthusiasm of Ross Pelligra is evident, and according to him and his declarations, it is possible to feel his pride about what he is doing in Catania as a president and owner. A new interview has been released to the local broadcast Telecolor, in which Mr Ross Pelligra has talked about his future projects […]
New year has come, and Mr Ross Pelligra has celebrated 2023 as Catania’s president and owner. According to him, i tifosi, supporters, represent one of the main important aspects of his project, and that’s the reason why he wrote a peculiar message dedicated to them, whishing all the best for the new year’s purposes:  “I have learned […]
Mr Ross Pelligra has conceded a long interview to the online newspaper in which he has talked about all his projects concerning firstly Catania SSD, and the city of Catania.  “It will be a long path and a difficult job but one of our goals is to focus on youth academies, involving several local families. We […]
Those are hectic days for Mr Ross Pelligra since he is in Catania to support the team, as well as living the city in first person. Yesterday there was an important appointment with local authorities in which Mr Pelligra has explained most of his plans for the club and for the city.  “Sicily and Catania […]
Dear Mr President, today is a special day for you, since 45 years ago the project of your life has started in the Australian land. During your life path, your efforts have been recognized allowing you to become one of the most important businessman in Australia and in the whole world.  Your grandpa was a […]
The new owner of Catania, Ross Pelligra, is going to purchase one of the best teams of the Australian major League: Adelaide United. One of the main goals of Pelligra is to create an important synergy between Catania and Adelaide if the purchase of this one will be done.  “If Adelaide does go through then […]
Catania SSD was born yesterday and the new president, Ross Pelligra, has expressed his satisfaction, showing positive feelings about it, through an official statement: “I am very proud, happy and excited, in this adventure I will be supported by qualified professionals who will develop a winning project. I thank the entire city of Catania for […]
Yesterday was a fantastic day for Catania and for the fans since the new owner of the club Ross Pelligra, presented himself and part of his project to the entire city at the town hall. It was a formal greeting with the presence of the advisor Dante Scibilia together with municipal authorities such as acting […]
Ross Pelligra of Pelligra Group will be officially the new owner of Catania; the Australian entrepeneur has obtained the preference from the Municipality of the city who has carefully evaluated all the projects presented last Saturday.  The business plan of the Australian group made by the advisor Dante Scibilia, has been decisive for the main […]
Yesterday was an important day for Catania and for its fanbase, since there was the deadline for the submission of proposals for the expression of interest, in order to represent the sports title of the city in the FIGC championships. The Municipality has informed the press about five documents received through certified e-mail: 1) Luigi […]